Why Putin hates Democrats

Why does Vladimir Putin have so much ill will against Democrats?  Why did he use super-secret methods, and get caught, putting his henchman Trump into power? 

What exactly does Putin have against Democrats?

Maybe his distrust goes back decades to when Bill Clinton oversaw the dispersal of several billion dollars in aid to Russia, with few strings attached.  Or was it when Bill Clinton aided in the disarming of Ukraine of nuclear weapons?  It's widely known that Putin demands a strong, well armed Ukraine.

When Putin invaded Ukraine and Hillary was secretary of state under a Democrat president, not only did America fail to live up to Clinton's commitments to Ukraine in the Budapest Memorandum, but arms donations to Ukraine and even defensive weapon sales to Ukraine were severely limited.

While Russia advanced and Democrats stood down, Republicans like John McCain were arguing that America needed to more actively arm Ukraine.  In the 2012 election, it was Republican Romney who stated that Russia posed great challenges and the Democrat Obama who laughed at this idea.

Hillary gave Putin a reset button and sold Putin 20% of the American uranium industry.  That must have really annoyed Putin.

Obama and the Democrats never created any sort of a safe space for Syrian Muslims, despite the fact that his ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, had written a book specifically on the subject of modern genocides and the need to stop them.  In part, this safe space was not created due to concerns that it could challenge Russia.  Instead, Obama actually tried a military alliance in Syria with Putin.

Similarly, a top ally of Russia is Iran.  Obama made an insanely favorable treaty with Iran, giving them billions of dollars.  It is not hard to see where the depth of Putin's hatred for Democrats comes from.

Finally, if there is one thing at all that Putin wants, it is a strong American military that would allow for forces distributed throughout the world and a strong American nuclear force.  Democratic policy favored focusing on domestic matters, apologizing for American interference in the world, a steady degradation of the military, and a policy of disarming nuclear weapons.

Trump's campaign platform, aligning with Republican values, was about building a stronger military and modernizing nuclear weapons.  Perhaps this is Putin's innermost desire.

In reality, we are facing the perfect storm.  Patriotic strongmen from the Democratic side have been suppressed.  And the silly stooges of the Republican party have gained power.  Putin is in complete control.

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