Why do Super Bowl ads feature hard-left propaganda?

Once again, we have the Super Bowl, and once again, the big mega-companies are spending big bucks...to push hard-left agendas.

Coca-Cola.  Coca-Cola reran a hideous ad from 2014 showing people singing "America the Beautiful," but they thematically raped the song by singing it in foreign languages.  That's not what America is about.  America is about a singular culture, and the signature part of that singular culture is speaking in English.  People can and do speak other languages in their homes, but if they don't speak English in public, they are not assimilating, and are not part of America, and are certainly not beautiful.  Coca-Cola approvingly running an ad where people sing the song in other languages is giving the imprimatur to ethnic balkanization and lack of assimilation.  That's the problem we have right now in America with many immigrants (legal and otherwise), and Coca-Cola is not just acknowledging it – it's celebrating it!

By the way, one of the people in the ad was a hijabi, of course, but the hijabi wasn't singing, perhaps because under sharia law, singing is generally forbidden.

Airbnb.  Airbnb ran an ad saying, "Whoever you worship, we all belong.  The world is beautiful the more you accept."  The ad, which seemed to feature the requisite number of Islamists, was a subtle criticism of Trump's limited and temporary entry ban.  The problem with the ad is that Islamists who come here don't belong, because they don't accept us.  When they grow to large enough numbers, they create enclaves and persecute people who are different.  And a certain subset of those go out and try to kill others.  We can't welcome people with open arms who would chop those arms off.  The ad is totally blind to the current state of Islamic ideology in the Middle East.

In a memo to employees after the executive order, Airbnb's chief executive, Brian Chesky, was more explicit about his opposition [to Trump's executive order]. "This is a policy I profoundly disagree with, and it is a direct obstacle to our mission at Airbnb," Mr. Chesky wrote on Jan. 29. That weekend, the company began to provide free and subsidized temporary housing for people who had been affected by the immigration restrictions.

84 Lumber.  A company called 84 Lumber ran an edited version of an ad that, incredibly, told the story of an illegal immigrant sneaking into America, treating her as a virtuous visitor.  The illegal immigrant is celebrated.  No mention is made of American citizens or the impact of the illegal alien on American citizens.

Audi.  Audi ran an ad that pushed the man-hating propaganda claim that women still do not make as much as men for equivalent work.

It is narrated by a father asking questions about what to tell his young daughter one day as she competes in a cart race, such as: "Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets?"

As she won the race, he remarks that maybe he will be able to "tell her something different." The commercial ends with text including a line saying that Audi of America is "committed to equal pay for equal work."

Really?  Will Audi open up its books and show us exactly how much every man and woman gets paid at the company, and what work they do?  Because I'll bet there are some men who get paid more than women for similar work at Audi.  Of course, to be sure, we'll have to review all the records at Audi and investigate the company thoroughly, considering that that's exactly what Audi seems to be advocating that the government do to other companies.

Exit question: These aren't political action committees.  These are companies, which live to sell products and services.  Do these companies really believe that most viewers are sympathetic to ethnic balkanization, illegal aliens, and man-bashing?  Do they not realize that at least half the population disagrees with them on these topics?

Either corporate executives are so insulated that they do not realize that half of America disagrees with them, or else they are so ideological that they simply do not care and want to push their hard-left agenda.  Which do you think is more likely?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.