Which movie scene did President Trump's press conference remind you of?

President Trump had an extraordinary press conference yesterday, where he scattered the liberal media like bowling pins. President Trump Thursday dismissed reports about his associates' contacts with Russia last year and vigorously defended his performance in his first four weeks in office, in a contentious news conference that showcased his unconventional and unconstrained presidency. Mr. Trump spent much of the conference berating reporters and their news organizations. Clearly exasperated by coverage of him, he said he did not watch CNN but then gave a detailed critique of one of its shows. He cited specific articles in The Times and The Wall Street Journal that he called "fake," even harking back to one from last year's campaign. "The press is out of control," he said. "The level of dishonesty is out of control." He added later, "The public doesn't believe you people anymore." The...(Read Full Post)