WaPo reporter swoons over 'natural' athlete Obama

President Obama may be out of the White House, but some in the media can't help but continue their unseemly worship of the man.

Washington Post reporter wrote on Wednesday about the former president's attempt at kitesurfing.  The headline speaks volumes:

Obama makes rest of us look bad with his effortless kitesurfing

The article by Kelyn Soong was about a wager between the former president and billionaire Richard Branson over whether Branson could stay up longer on a foilboard than Obama could kitesurfing.

It's well documented that Obama is pretty good at basketball, but the video proved that the 55-year-old former leader of the free world is pretty much a natural on a kiteboard, as well.

"Barack and I both fell many times, but we kept trying again and again and made progress over the days," Branson wrote on his website. "We were neck and neck until the last run on the last day, when I got up on the foilboard and screamed along for over 50 [meters], three feet above the water. I was feeling very pleased with myself, only to look over and see Barack go 100 [meters] on his kiteboard! I had to doff my cap to him and celebrate his victory."

And Soong, whose research was obviously deficient, couldn't help himself in praising Obama's athletic ability:

Without the physical restrictions that come with being president, Obama looked like he went – in Branson's words – "back to being a child again." And in the process, Obama showed he's not just a one-sport athlete.

Well, let's be charitable. Obama is a half-sport "athlete."  His basketball skills leave a lot to be desired.

In truth, the president has shown himself to be less than stellar playing a variety of sports.

Washington Free Beacon:

Evidence suggests that not only is Obama not "just a one-sport athlete," but he might not be much of an athlete at all.

Obama is so bad at bowling that he once compared himself to "the Special Olympics."

His abysmal score after bowling zero strikes while on the campaign trail in Allentown, Pa., in 2008 prompted the New York Times to ask, "Is it even possible for a grown man to bowl a 37?"

Obama is also a "[s-----] golfer," according to Michael Jordan, despite having played more than 300 rounds of golf as president.

Many have noted Obama's poor technique when teeing off. The Telegraph reported that Obama's swing was "no match for George W. Bush." Obama's swing was "nervy," and he "finishes with limp shoulders."

"Bush by contrast has a sturdy, almost fluid swing that would not sit uncomfortably with most club professionals," the Telegraph wrote.

Shall we even mention how embarrassing it is to watch the former president throw a baseball?

Soong is a sports reporter for the paper.

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