Trump's restraint on Russia signals statesmanship

Fox News played up news of a Russian warship 70 miles off our coast.  The real story was in President Trump's response to it. The whole story can be filed under Buried Lede: the U.S. response to an apparently provocative naval maneuver from Russia, sending a naval ship off our Maryland coast, will be...nothing.  De-escalation.  Not biting.  Fox News buried that actual news at the bottom of its longer piece on the advance of Russian spy ships Tuesday. It tells us a lot.  One, it shows that President Trump has a finely tuned sense of restraint at what could have otherwise have been a noisy confrontation.  After all, he had just lost his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to political machinations targeted at making Russia the bogeyman, a sorry outcome of the Beltway wisdom that any conversation with a Russian official is somehow "treasonous."  Trump resisted the temptation to show his bona fides to...(Read Full Post)