Trump's new strategy: Hulk smash

Some of the best fighters in the world know how to rapidly close the distance and, by doing so, take out the slack of their opponent's reach.  There is no power that can be used against you when your forehead is pressed into your opponent's chin and you remain driving forward into him.

They are also really good counter-strikers.  They wait for their opponent to commit, and then they come laterally off center midline from the initial salvo, typically with a small, sharp hook of their own.  Plink.  Game over.

The key is to not run from an opponent, or roll back onto your heels, but to use your opponent's own forward power against him.  Let him make it easier for you by not backing up.  Slight sidesteps work better.  Slipping punches is an art form.  Then counter.

We are in a street fight.  No more apologies.  It's war.  It's time to smash the opposition.  

Trump's policy should be simple.  If the Deep State's Obama leftovers and their rejects take out a Flynn using felonious actions via illegal leaks, replace him with a Navy SEAL.  If they take out the SEAL, go get a shovel and dig up General Patton's dead body and slam him into place.  If they find something on him – say, some weird made-up shenanigans like with Flynn – then you appoint someone who blocks out the sun, Paul "Big Show" White or someone with acromegaly whose head is the size of a street corner.  See how far they want to take this.  They go DEFCON-5?  We go nuclear.  Each time, we amp up to a higher-category "hurricane," as the nutty Chuck Todd insinuated the other day.

This is the way of Mossad: trial-by-fire politics.  By the time we are done, I want to see the entire cast of The Expendables in Trump's Cabinet, with Chuck Norris riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex down 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in assless chaps and spurs.  

Some things you just need to accept your leftist friends are already gone.  No, I don't mean the Rapture or dead.  I mean mentally.  Gone.  Vacant stares.  They are out-of-their-minds lost already, as if they were getting ready to castrate themselves to catch a ride on the Hale-Bopp comet.  They shout low-information clichés like "impeach" and "treason."  They are the smelly trolls on social media and dumb as doorstops.  

They don't even realize how insanely difficult it is to prove treason.  The bar is so high that it is nearly impossible.  But the left are worse drama queens than barstool drunks drooling into their bloody Marys.

And impeachment?  Big deal.  You're not going to get the two-thirds majority required from the Senate.  Not gonna happen.  Don't let that stop the left's precious fantasy, however.  

No, you have to be like the Hulk.  You could never defeat the Hulk with brute, straightforward strength.  It would always be used against you.  Whatever kind of firepower was deployed, whether it be from some random punk in an altercation, mortar shells, or even a nuclear bomb, you could never defeat the Hulk with a head on strike.  It was always bad calculus.  In some comics, by the time an entire Marine Corps division had emptied out their payload, the Hulk had grown from 7 feet tall in the beginning to, by the end, over 25 feet.  His neck had transformed into five feet of cold rolled steel disappearing into his several layers of traps.  His fingers turned into railroad spikes connected to forearm muscles like drag racing pistons.  His jaw flared out into a giant cornice shelf of alpha rage, the end of which resembled a bevel bit for a jackhammer.

Trump has a good working base within his genetic makeup, more than most, to deal with the next four years of outhouse politics.  Whatever the traditional Democrat-media complex, their increasingly moronic leftist activists, and their social media armies throw at Trump, he will need all the gamma rays required to transform into their worst nightmare.

He must understand the fighting principle always to remain driving forward and never to slow down.  Plant your forehead firmly into your opponent's chin.  Let the media do what the media do.  Chuck Todd, Matt Lauer, Mika Brzezinski – they are all going to do what they are programmed (and paid) to do.  Use their energy against them by demoralizing them with the very agenda that you were elected to execute.  

Radical tax reform.  Gutting the Iran deal and putting back on sanctions.  Annihilating Obamacare, chin to nuts.  And finally smashing the regulatory state that emanates from D.C., even if it means disrupting and ending entire agencies and departments.  

Hulk smash.