Trump-haters project their own sins onto the president

There is absolutely no evidence revealed that, beyond the Flynn phone call, the Trump campaign or Trump himself had any connection with Russian "agents" during the campaign or since inauguration.  But the anguished losers on the left are determined to make the case that Russia intervened – "hacked," they say (a lie), the 2016 election on Trump's behalf, that this "fact" makes his victory illegitimate, and thus he is ripe for impeachment.

The media and Democrats continue to beat this drum despite indications that the halls of State, DOJ, DHS, FBI, and CIA are crawling with anti-Trumpsters dying to leak malicious material to their favorite reporters to impede the Trump presidency.

And still there is nothing.  We do not even know for certain that Russians had anything to do with leaking the Podesta emails.  They tell us it is so but provide no documentation.  Perhaps some busy-beaver Obamaphile activists and out-of-work Clintonites are hard at work crafting some fake news to take the new president down and out, but we have yet to see the leaked transcript of the Flynn conversation with his Russian counterpart that supposedly "proves" collusion – probably because it does not.  It likely proves only that Flynn was preparing for his upcoming job as Trump's head of the NSC, just as Obama was preparing for his second term when he told Medvedev on a hot mic to tell Vlad that he would have more "flexibility" to revisit our missile defense after his re-election.  (He meant he would have more freedom to reduce it or dismantle it altogether, especially in Europe.)

Congressmen Devin Nunes (R) and Adam Schiff (D) held news conferences on Monday to address this alleged collusion-with-Russia issue.  Both are members of the House Intelligence Committee.  Nunes explained that there simply is no substantiation of any part of this rumorous story.  Schiff essentially had to admit the same thing but kept asserting that the "investigation is in its infancy."  How can that be?  The left has been trying to undermine Trump since June 2015.  One would think the Democrats might have discovered something of value to them if it exists, especially since the media are all but completely on their side.  

But angry Democrats have long favored the strategy of personal destruction to take out their opponents when their ideology fails.  Salon claims to confirm Trump's connections to Russia, but they do not.  Their "proof" is a bunch of vague tittle-tattle without a shred of confirmation.

Trump is absolutely right to call so much of the media purveys "fake news."  It is exactly what they provide.  They did it to Bush 43 for eight years, and he declined to fight back, which endlessly frustrated conservatives.  But that was then, and the media seem not to realize that all their rustling up of calculated distortions of the truth have worked and will continue to work in Trump's favor.  The doddering Nancy Pelosi is so desperate that she is reverting to tweeting about Trump's tax returns.  She still has not grasped that his supporters do not care about them.  Pelosi and her colleagues care only that Trump won and that Hillary is not sitting in the White House.  And they remain devastated.

The media-Hollywood-academic world is likely to not just continue, but even escalate its war against Trump and all things conservative for the duration, no matter how much damage it does to the brand.  These are the party of old people – Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Conyers, Cummings, and many more – and identity politics.  They have no bench beyond Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  (There are a lot of old Republicans, too, but also many really smart young ones in powerful roles.)  It is the Democrats who divide people by race, class, and gender.  (Note Jimmy Kimmel's invitation of those Hollywood tourists into the awards show to mingle with their betters for a few moments.)  They project their own racism, classism, and sexism onto conservatives, who neither embrace nor exhibit any of those tendencies.  They have to be distressed by the number of young people who attended CPAC.  Their young people are more likely to be members of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, or Indivisible.  Their young people feel entitled to the proceeds of the earnings of others: free tuition, free health care, the freedom not to work.  The trend is not in their direction.

The left, who loved Gorbachev and all things Russian from the moment Reagan was elected, suddenly finds the former KGB nation the evil empire Reagan always said it was.  Ted Kennedy tried to get them to intervene in our 1984 election to defeat Reagan.  Obama definitely interfered in the Israeli election in an effort to defeat Netanyahu.  Still, the Democrats have the utter gall to accuse Trump of scheming with Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton.  Trump did not need Putin; HRC was her own worst enemy.

So let the left prattle on and on about Trump and Russia, tax returns, racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and other fanciful charges.  Somewhere, deep inside their lefty brains, they know that Marxism, communism, and socialism have failed everywhere and every time any one of those -isms has been implemented.  (Venezuelans are on a forced diet.)  Let them spew their anger, plan their marches, their riots, their disruptions of town halls hosted by well meaning public servants, and be perpetually uncivil.  They are seeing through the glass darkly.

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