Time for Trump to make his acting FTC chair permanent

After a stunning election win, President Trump is off to a fast start implementing major change.  The president and his administration are moving aggressively to implement pro-growth policies that will boost our economy after years of a sluggish recovery. An essential part of unleashing the economy is putting in place the right people.  At a number of important agencies, the president has started to do just that.  Many have rightly cheered the appointment of Ajit Pai as the permanent chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who is moving to rein in harmful regulations from the previous administration and to pursue commonsense reform. Another important agency where the president has an opportunity to bring significant change is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has jurisdiction over antitrust, intellectual property, privacy, and protection of consumers from deceptive trade practices.  He took a step in the right direction by naming current...(Read Full Post)