The Venezuelan miracle weight loss program

A public health miracle has been engineered in a socialist country.  Venezuelans have reportedly lost 19 pounds on the average from the effects of socialism in just one year, according to Fox News.  And that figure may be an underweight understatement.  Poorer Venezuelans, for instance, reportedly have lost even more than 19 pounds.

For a single person to lose 19 pounds in a year is no small feat.  For a whole country to have averaged such a loss is simply...revolutionary.

That must mean that Venezuela is on track to become the healthiest country in South America, and maybe the world.  Socialist economic policies have shriveled local food supplies to the point of an inevitable...withering away of the body fat, never mind the state.  Granted, losing 19 pounds is a little rough on a seven-pound baby, but, hey, as socialists never tire of telling us, to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.

Who would have thought that a backwater like Venezuela would solve a problem like this, an issue that has vexed the entire "First World" with its rising incomes and expanding food choices, all the result of capitalism in action?  Policymakers in these advanced countries have tried and tried to get their citizenries to drop their unwanted pounds, but only Venezuela has managed to achieve the feat, seemingly effortlessly.  Western nations need to study this miracle and figure out how to apply these principles to their own countries.

Hollywood stars who need to lose a little weight, take notice.  You, too, can participate in the "Maduro Diet."  Just pack up for Venezuela, convert a couple of hundred dollars into a truckload of Venezuelan bolivares, and try to live there for just a few months.  Then see those unwanted pounds melt away.

Even more surprising is the fact that this miracle has gone practically unheralded in the liberal media.  You would think that such a miracle diet would have shown up as front-page news in the New York Times and other liberal outlets.  What could possibly be the problem?

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