Snowflakes at Santa Clara U say conservative group would make them feel 'unsafe'

The delicate liberal souls in the student senate at Santa Clara University have turned down a petition by a conservative group to form a campus chapter of Turning Points USA.  The reason for the rejection is that the group would make them feel "unsafe."

Daily Caller:

A full-time school employee also primed Santa Clara student senators with a lengthy PowerPoint presentation associating Turning Points USA with vile, fringe white supremacist groups.

The rejection occurred on Thursday night during a meeting of the Associated Student Government at the Jesuit bastion in the thick of Silicon Valley.

The Feb. 2 student senate meeting generated a standing-room-only crowd.

The petitioners gave a short presentation about their desire to form a campus chapter of Turning Point USA, a national student activist group which endorses “fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.”

Then, for roughly an hour, a group of about 50 students — and also a smattering of school employees — spoke about how they adamantly oppose allowing a few students to form a conservative-oriented campus organization.

“It was a lot of repetitive stuff,” Caleb Alleva, one of the Turning Points USA petitioners, told The Daily Caller.

Opponents of the group insisted that a group promoting free trade and limited government on campus would make them feel “unsafe,” Alleva told TheDC.

“They were saying they were in danger but they couldn’t cite any facts,” the junior explained.

“A lot of them are lying about being afraid or they are genuinely in fear because of this false sense of danger promulgated by the media that anyone who is vaguely conservative is a Nazi or a white supremacist,” Alleva said.

At a Jan. 26 meeting of the Santa Clara student senate, a university employee provided senators with a PowerPoint entitled “White Nationalist, Alt-Right & Other Groups on College Campuses.”

David Warne, a Santa Clara student senator, described the document to TheDC.

“The order of the presentation goes like this: White Nationalists—>Alt-Right—>Identity Evropa—>Richard Spencer—>Milo Yiannopoulos—>Turning Point USA,” Warne wrote in an email.

Identity Evropa, a hardcore white supremacist organization with members who sport neo-Hitler haircuts, recently targeted the Santa Clara campus with some posters. “No one thinks these posters were put up by students,” Warne noted.

There's nothing unusual about this at all.  For the record, Turning Points USA's nission is to "identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government."

But what has liberal students (and professors) so riled up is that the group published a nationwide "Professor Watch List" that identifies several dozen academics who have targeted conservative students and hold decidedly anti-free speech values.

To connect TPUSA to the "alt-right" or "white supremacists" is loony.  It's just an excuse to ban them.  Or the snowflakes actually believe the anti-right propaganda and have worked themselves into hysteria over the potential "threat."  Either way, the action egregiously violates the tenets of the Jesuit order, which suffered its own persecution in Europe for criticizing the pope and speaking out against corruption in the Catholic Church.

The irony, however, is lost on the modern-day Torquemadas at Santa Clara U.