Smartest member of the Congressional Black Caucus warns his party

Smart Democrats recognize that their party has deep problems that won't be solved by the Trump-hatred that is the motivating power of its base.  They see that the party has lost touch with rural areas and takes for granted support levels of 90% among blacks, who are expected to turn out and vote at rates that equal or exceed whites.

What is unusual is a smart Democrat having the guts to speak these truths openly and on the record.

Conservatives need to pay attention to Representative Emanuel Cleaver, former mayor of Kansas City, former head of the Congressional Black Caucus, and in his 12th year representing Missouri's Fifth Congressional District, which includes parts of Kansas City and also some rural areas.  A conservative friend who knows Rep. Cleaver tells me he is someone well worth listening to, a reasonable man who can be dealt with on an honest basis.

You can gauge Rep. Cleaver's independence and courage by noticing that he openly proclaimed his intent to attend the inauguration of President Trump and suffered hate phone calls for his position that did not stop him.

Interviewed yesterday on MSNBC, he laid out a devastating critique of his party.  He states that the black vote cannot be taken for granted.

President Trump needs to recognize Rep. Cleaver as a potential ally in his quest to lift up urban America.