Sarah Silverman calls for military coup against 'fascist' Trump

It appears that radical leftists across the country are trying to outdo one another in expressing their hysterical opposition to Donald Trump.

The latest head case is sometime actress, unfunny comedienne, and Hollywood celebrity Sarah Silverman. She sent this rather unbalanced and unpleasant tweet about the "resistance" to Trump.

Washington Times:

Actress Sarah Silverman called for a military coup against President Trump on Wednesday night in the midst of violent riots in Berkeley, California.

In a screaming all-capital-letters tweet exhorted her almost 10 million followers to “wake up & join the resistance,” a term from World War II that anti-Trump rioters have used to define themselves.

She then outlined her preferred scenario for the violent overthrow of the legitimately elected government, still in all capital letters.

“Once the military is w us fascists get overthrown. Mad king & his handlers go bye bye,” Ms. Silverman posted.

She ended her post with four heart emojis, presumably signifying love.

Brainless twits like Silverman love to use the appelation "fascist" to describe just about anyone they disagree with politically. They think it makes them sound serious and important, when, of course, it makes them sound ignorant and puerile. Trump is no more a fascist than my pet cat Snowball, and at least Snowy has the good sense to keep her mouth shut about things she knows nothing about.

For the record, Trump's executive order on refugees and travelers from certain Muslim nations is well within his purview not only as chief executive, but as commander in chief of the armed forces. Such security measures are recognized as the responsibility of the president alone, and presidents from Jefferson through Obama exercised that authority at one time or another.  

The irony of leftist opposition is worthy of an Ionesco play. Tell me this description of Eugene Ionesco's playwrighting doesn't sound like leftist propaganda against Trump:

These absurdist sketches, to which he gave such descriptions as "anti-play" (anti-pièce in French) express modern feelings of alienation and the impossibility and futility of communication with surreal comic force, parodying the conformism of the bourgeoisie and conventional theatrical forms. In them Ionesco rejects a conventional story-line as their basis, instead taking their dramatic structure from accelerating rhythms and/or cyclical repetitions. He disregards psychology and coherent dialogue, thereby depicting a dehumanized world with mechanical, puppet-like characters who speak in non-sequiturs. Language becomes rarefied, with words and material objects gaining a life of their own, increasingly overwhelming the characters and creating a sense of menace.

Ionesco drove irony to sublimely ridiculous lengths. For leftists today, that's not much of a reach. They spend several decades trashing the Constitution and then claim Trump is violating constitutional principles. They spend even longer  trashing American values and then claim Trump is destroying American values. Irony escapes them because their ability for reflection and self-criticism is non existent. They are oblvious to their own stupidity.

Thankfully, the military will ignore Sliverman's encouragement and do their duty according to the oath they swore when they enlisted. That has a far more powerful hold on them than some loony lefty's fantasy about a coup that isn't even worthy of a bad movie script.