Reality check for Dems: Against the GOP and Trump, they can't win

From one end of the country to another, Democrats and their activist allies have tried to outdo one another in painting an apocalyptic future for America under Trump. They have referred to the president and his supporters as fascists so many times, you almost expect the Nazi flag to be unfurled at the next White House press conference.  They have raised the specter of a Trump dictatorship, railed against Trump's "unconstitutional" executive orders, predicted that under Trump, women will be forced back into the kitchen – barefoot and pregnant – blacks and other minorities will lose their civil rights, gays will be forced back into the closet, public schools will be destroyed... Yada, yada, yada. To counter this, Democratic activists have been screaming for the party in Washington to block every move Trump makes.  No matter how trivial or unimportant, the rioters and demonstrators have issued dire warnings that Democrats who don't oppose...(Read Full Post)