Protests and resistance lead the narrative, but Trump keeps chugging along

Friday night, north Philadelphia experienced protests against the police, which resulted in 4 arrests and 3 police officers hurt.  The neighborhood surrounding Temple University was the locus for this disruption.  The grievances originate with complaints of police brutality and mistreatment, much as the Black Lives Matter movement.  However continued anarchy demonstrates an organized attempt to delegitimize the Trump administration.  This is furthered by the media which continues to haunt the Trump administration. President Trump has been in the White House for one month.  The press has given us a non-stop narrative of confusion, disarray (McCain), corruption and incompetence.  Thursday’s news conference reenergized the Trump supporters, barraged daily with negative news about the functioning of the administration.  He hopes his trips to South Carolina and Florida continue the positive feeling. Lost in all this news is the successful...(Read Full Post)