New Alien movie features gay couple repopulating planet

If you're a fan of the Alien movies, which of the following do you recognize as being in the contemporary standard formula of Alien films?

A) A woman in her underwear running to or from aliens.

B) A large crew, warned of hostile aliens, breaks down into small numbers and goes to dark, isolated places to see what happens next.

C) A humanoid robot who spurts out whole milk when injured.

D) Two gay guys kissing and fondling each other.

E) All of the above.

If you answered "E," you are correct!  The new Aliens: Covenant film features a ship of colonists going to populate a new planet.  That's why most of the crew are man-woman pairs.  But one pair in particular are two gay guys, and in case you missed it, the trailer for the movie shows the two kissing and fondling each other while the rest of the crew watches approvingly.

Now, you may be wondering, how could a gay couple populate or repopulate a planet?  If everyone was picked in a pair for their ability to have kids, what are the gay people doing there?

You have to remember: this is the future!  There are a number of possibilities:

1) Perhaps cloning has been perfected, so the gay couple can clone themselves and make gay children just like themselves.

2) Perhaps one of the gay men will "take one for the team" and transgender into a woman, allowing the other gay man to impregnate him.  Then, once he gives birth, he can switch back to being a man again.

3) Perhaps if one of the heterosexual men finds himself sterile, one of the gay men will volunteer to be an emergency "pinch hitter."

4) Perhaps the gay couple will use technology to create a robot baby, then a year later replace it with a one-year-old robot baby, then a year later replace that with a two-year-old robot child, and so on.

Questions for discussion:

1) Could an employer discriminate against gays if the only hiring criteria were the ability to reproduce?

2) If an alien impregnates a gay person and absorbs some of his DNA, will the alien that emerges also be gay?  Or will it be a choice?

3) Do you think the LGBTQ community sees it as progress to have a film showing gay people having aliens burst out of their chests?

4) How desperate do film producers have to be to insert the gay agenda into a film about colonists who are supposed to be having children to populate a planet?

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