Media hysteria in week three of Trump presidency leaves little room for escalation

The mainstream media have made it clear that not only don’t they like President Trump, they would prefer to get him out of office before January 20, 2021.  But as any showman knows, you don’t hit a peak in the early moments of Act One if you want the audience to stay with you for the entire drama.  Yet, when faced with anything they regard as problematic about the Trump Presidency, they can’t help themselves.

Our good friends at the Washington Free Beacon have put together a montage of absolute hysteria in the media last week, as the Michael Flynn affair was denounced as – wait for it! – “Pearl Harbor” and, yes, “9-11.”

Both of those events changed world history, and violently thrust our nation into war. Yet Tom Friedman of the New York Times made that comparison, one that leaves almost no room for escalation.

What’s left for next week?

(I have my secret hope: that Friedman will denounce President Trump and his family as shape-shifting aliens.)

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