Just in time for Trump, George W. Bush lifts embargo on criticizing successors

George W. Bush broke his policy of not attacking a sitting president.  Bush did not criticize or attack Obama but has joined the Opposition Party (Democrats and mainstream media, aka Fake News Media)'s war against Trump. Bush acted like a punching bag during his second term.  Obama blamed Bush for every problem, but Bush remained silent.  He did not forcefully, if at all, defend his Iraq policy, nor did he respond to the attacks on him by the mainstream media and Democrats like Harry Reid.  Reid called him a loser and said in 2007 the Iraq War was lost. Reid's irresponsible and disgraceful public statement, arguably treasonous, that the Iraq War was lost encouraged the enemy, which prolonged the war, causing more American casualties. But Bush feels compelled to attack only Trump.  Bush said in a recent interview that he tried to convince Putin to have an independent press, then added a swipe at Trump by saying, "It's kind of hard...(Read Full Post)