Is Obamacare really suddenly popular?

The media, in the tank for Democrats, are now peddling a new story.  They want you to believe that Obamacare is suddenly popular.

First, they are showing reports of GOP politicians doing town hall meetings.  Last week, a huge crowd of Obamacare supporters showed up at Senator Cotton's visit to Arkansas.  They all had the same placards, screamed the same thing, and want you to believe that they'd be victims of an Obamacare repeal.

Not so fast.  There aren't really that many Democrats in Arkansas.  I'd love to see a residency check.  Or the Democrats should ask for a recount!

Second, they are now back into polls.  Remember the polls that had Hillary Clinton winning 400 electoral votes?

The latest poll is analyzed by our friends at American Spectator:

It will thus be very difficult for anyone capable of critical thinking to believe these very same "news" outlets when they report that a law whose approval numbers have been underwater by double digits for more than six years has suddenly become as popular as Adele. 

It will be likewise difficult for anyone with an IQ exceeding single digits to believe a Democrat polling firm like Public Policy Polling (PPP) when they claim to discover a sudden increase in public esteem for a Democrat-sponsored health "reform" law that has historically been reviled by the electorate.

Yes, the people who told us Mrs. Clinton would win by a landslide are now telling GOP members of Congress not to touch the suddenly popular Obamacare.

To be fair, part of the problem is that the public debate has been more about repealing rather than replacing.  It's time for the GOP leadership to put something on the table and cut off this nonsense that people will be thrown out of hospitals because they can't pay or some other dramatic outcome.

Let me agree with the author and add this: any GOP politician in Washington who chickens out and falls for these crappy polls has a lot of explaining to do.   

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