Illegal aliens too terrified to apply for welfare

You know illegal aliens are scared when they are too scared to apply for welfare.

A government social worker for Durham County, N.C., said that the number of Hispanic residents seeking assistance had dropped off rapidly in recent days amid swirling rumors about an ICE checkpoint at a Durham intersection and ICE agents making arrests in a supermarket parking lot.

"Today, I haven't gotten one Hispanic client in the entire check-in today," said the social worker, a longtime government employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. "That never happens … They think that when they come here for assistance, that they're going to be on some sort of invisible list."

I thought illegal aliens were not to supposed to be getting welfare.  Which is it?  The truth seems to shift depending on the line of propaganda we are being fed.

What happens when illegals become too afraid to get a taxpayer-funded education for their children?  What happens when they become too fearful to vote?

Rumors have gripped the imagination of neighbors here, forcing families indoors and being vigilant of any law enforcement patrolling their streets. Doors typically open to neighbors and passersby drawn by the smell of pupusas or rice are now closed and locked. 

Isn't ICE performing a community service by preventing buildings from smelling of pupusas?  If I lived in an illegal alien ghetto, I would not want to smell pupusas all the time.


Some don't answer knocks on their doors. They're taping bedsheets over windows and staying off social media.

Hey, ICE, if you're reading this: go after the apartments with bedsheets taped over their windows.  Those will be the ones with illegal aliens!

Statistics show that Trump is not arresting any more illegals than Obama (disappointingly).  But the mere fear of Trump, whipped up by the liberal media, has caused each ICE raid to get tremendous media attention.  The media treat illegals like virtuous citizens, entitled to welfare, and doesn't understand that by relating these facts, even the idea of Trump is causing America to become unattractive to illegal aliens.  Nor do the media understand the resentment they generate by reporting that illegals are missing out on our tax dollars, as if this is something to be sad about.

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