If these things were in a movie, no one would believe them

The peculiar string of events in the past decade or so is really something to behold in thoughtful retrospection.   What just happened?  If, ten years ago, Hollywood put these events in a movie, no one would believe it.  The past brief era portrayed in cinematic form would be a bizarre fiction in want of a new categorical description.

The trigger event of this brief piece was the “short bench” of the Democratic Party candidates for the next presidential cycle.  Al Franken, the narrowly elected senator from Minnesota is amongst those mentioned.  Look how far we have come, or is it how far we have gone.

The millennials who harvest their political knowledge from Saturday Night Live would understand and welcome the thought that this formally entertaining show would be the bullpen for the Democrats.

And you couldn’t put this in a movie and have people believe it.  Which one of these persons is adored, and which one is reviled on today’s university campus?

The other day, Thomas Jefferson’s statue was defiled at his alma mater, William and Mary.  Add this to the list of vandalized historical statues that have had their historical references perverted and altered by university driven indoctrination.

We can turn to the recent reactions to the Mike Flynn phone conversation with a Russian ambassador.  Mike Flynn is lambasted for calling a Russian ambassador while he was a private citizen.  His phone conversation is tapped by the outgoing administration and suggestions of its contents illegally leaked to the media. The outrage is shaded by the cleverly delivered media messaging, a suggestion of underhandedness and dealing.  Yet, didn’t the past administration just deliver pallets with hundreds of millions of dollars and other currencies, via private jet, to Iran? And did not a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation of Hillary Clinton grease the wheels of a Uranium deal with the Russians? Equate the magnitude of those events.

This movie asks too much of the viewer. If only we could walk out of the theatre.

And the Affordable Care Act that isn’t, and the bill that was shoved through Congress by the Democrats with the help of the diapered bunny shown above.  And the most recent unbelievable moment, if that isn’t enough, is that the Democrats are lambasting the GOP for not fixing their failed, unread piece of legislation quickly enough.  We wish it were just movie fiction.

On September 11th, 2001 we were attacked by 19 Saudi Muslims.  The reaction was to attack not Saudi Arabia, strangely regarded as an ally, but Iraq.  We executed, for all practical purposes, a nefarious Muslim dictator named Hussein.  Five years later we elect a man with a Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama, to be President.  This would fail the feasibility test of pulp fiction editors.

We were told that past President was the smartest man in every room, but we shouldn’t ask for his college transcripts or admission papers.  He wrote two autobiographies before the age of 47, then it was discovered he really didn’t completely author them, nor were some of the people included in the book “real” people.  Would this make the director’s cut, or would it be edited out as a suspension in believability?

Oh, would that it be just a bad movie, a distasteful visit to fiction.  The surreal nature of the attitude prevalent today, driven home by ideological strong handedness costuming as education, parallels the “two plus two really does equal five for extremely large values of two” notion.  The “Oh, now I see” moment for the malleable minds on university campuses clicks in and they become locked on.

The story line defies plausibility, the events defy logic.  The character development is incomplete and we find them unlikable.  We want to check the likes of Ben Rhodes, Jonathan Gruber, Josh Ernest, James Clapper, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett for those extra few teeth or crooked little fingers that might reveal they are indeed from another planet.

Lacking romance and with an inharmonious soundtrack, this chainsaw movie sans chainsaw, this stringing of bothersome events shrouded in distasteful machinations gets a ½ Star, and that based solely on the hope for a happy ending.

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