Hypocritical Hillary offers advice to Trump she won't take herself

She's ba-a-a-a-ck! Just when you thought Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) was finally planning to make good on her promises and distribute some of that Clinton Foundation money to Haiti to help the residents recover from the devastating earthquake that struck the poor country seven years ago, she does something else!  She discovers that some people are anti-Jewish – i.e., they really don't like Jews.  They are commonly called anti-Semites.  (Jews are from the Middle East, where some of the people are known as Semites.)  After reports of numerous anonymous threatening calls to Jewish community centers (commonly known as JCCs) around the country, overturned tombstones in a St. Louis Jewish cemetery, and other similar incidents, the usual suspects decided that the problem could be solved if President Donald J. Trump (R) would say anti-Semitism is not nice.  Yeah, that should do it.

Never mind that Binyamin (Benjamin in English) Netanyahu, prime minister of the only Jewish country in the world, the beleaguered Israel, just visited the U.S., where he had a friendly meeting with Trump.  Upon his departure, Netanyahu praised Trump and the U.S. as great friends of Israel.  In contrast, Netanyahu and Obama had a famously difficult relationship, including but not limited to Obama keeping Netanyahu waiting for over an hour and sending his guest out the back door.  But there were never calls for Obama to prove he was not anti-Jewish.  (And no, I don't think he is.)

Ignore, if you can, that Trump's beloved daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and is married to a Jewish man who is an important Trump adviser and that the two of them are proudly raising their three children within the Jewish culture and religion.  And they are all an important part of the Trump family.  And he's an important part of theirs.

And of course, leaving the best cliché for last, some of Trump's best friends and advisers are Jewish.  (Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, David Friedman, etc.)

Leaving the people of Haiti to wallow in their misery, failed wannabe president Hillary Clinton opportunistically (well, it is Hillary) joined the hypocritical chorus.  Finally mastering elementary 21st-century technology, she smugly tweeted some advice to her former opponent.

JCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS.

Condemning anti-Semitism is apparently a new idea to Hillary.  She hasn't spoken out about troubling anti-Jewish incidents, demanding that they be stopped.

Did she not know about or care about people who don't like Jews eight or nine years ago?  At that time, she was running for the first time for the Democratic presidential nomination against primary opponent Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama was a longtime member of Trinity United Church and a good friend of its minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Indeed, he was such a good friend of the minister that he and Michelle Robinson chose him to perform their wedding, even though Wright regularly spouted hatred against Jews and Israel, in his sermons, in his church newsletter, at conferences, etc.  When questioned about this bigotry, Obama casually dismissed it by stating he slept through Wright's sermons.  And the press and the Democratic Party (but I repeat myself), including Hillary, were satisfied with this superficial and lying answer and never bothered him about it again.  No emails from Hillary about this on her secret server have been uncovered.

Obama named Hillary to be his secretary of state.  In this capacity, she traveled to many Muslim countries.  In all her travels, in all her work with them, maybe she never learned about Muslim hatred toward Jews and Israel.  Or something.  Because the Clintons' family foundation gladly accepted millions from Jewish-hating/Israel-hating (and yes, they are the same) countries.  And Hillary and Bill Clinton gladly trotted to these countries giving speeches for which they received millions in bribes...uh, donations.  And oh, what not a surprise: not once did she ever criticize these countries and their rulers for their hostility to Jews and/or Israel.  Because then they wouldn't have continued to pay her.

And then there is the current situation with the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  What situation?  Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), a white, curly-haired Jewish female, recently "resigned" as chair of the group.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a black, male Muslim lawyer, is a strong candidate to replace her.  Ellison has a lo-o-ong history of speaking out numerous times against Jews, Israel, and white people.  He now claims that was years ago and he has changed.  (Reminder: Trump's casual banter about "grabbing" was secretly recorded over ten years ago, but when it was finally revealed, some thought it should disqualify him from humanity, let alone the presidency.  Some women now wear silly "pussy hats" in Trump's honor, or something.  Just saying.)  Amazingly, there is no record of Hillary ever suggesting that Ellison's many comments and statements are "troubling and should be stopped."  Or even that his comments are not nice.

So Hillary, let me give you some advice.  Maybe you should tweet that you condemn anti-Semitism.  And then tell all of the above – and then some – to do the same.  (And yes, I know that your son-in-law is Jewish.)  Until then, play with your grandchildren.  Or go model pantsuits.