Hollywood loves this one charter school

We've had months now of liberals bashing Betsy DeVos, charter schools, and any concept of school choice for children, even when they live in the most inferior public school districts.

But without a hint of irony or self-reflection, that greatest of all American liberal establishment celebrations, the Academy Awards, is about to go gaga Sunday night for the story of one charter school student, Brianna Perez.

Brianna comes from a poor Dominican family in the Bronx.  But she was lucky enough to win the lottery to enter a quality charter school nearby, the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls.  All female, just like an old-fashioned Catholic school, the institute has high expectations for all its students, and emphasizes math, technology, and music.  Learning the violin, it turns out Brianna is something of a wunderkind, even learning to play on a used instrument donated by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, Joseph Feingold.

Brianna later met Mr. Feingold, and their friendship is the subject an Oscar-nominated short documentary, Joe's Violin.

The way the film is being hyped, and given the adorable stars, I am sure they will win Sunday night.  At some later point, though, liberal scolds will figure out how embarrassing this is for their side, and there will be a deluge of stories in the media – deploring all the money being taken from New York's rotten public schools for the ingrate girls at Bronx Global, how Brianna is not such a great violinist, and maybe even how Joe is some sort of "self-hating Jew" for not donating his violin to a public school.

If you doubt me, just wait a bit.  I remember years ago, when Ted Turner was still married to Jane Fonda, and they were at the World Series with the Braves, whipping up the crowd with the famous "tomahawk chop," having a great time, all harmless fun.  But I knew the second it happened that Jane would have hell to pay from her lefty friends, and of course, she had to issue the most groveling apology the next day and spend years in contrition.  (For her Vietnam antics, not so much.)

Yes, once the Hollywood libs figure out how they have inadvertently made a full-throated endorsement for charter schooling, they will go nuts trying to make amends to their union allies.  They'll have to recall the statuette, of course, and they may even let Randi Weingarten smash poor Joe's violin on her knee at next year's Oscars.  But for this weekend, anyway, while it lasts, let's enjoy the music.  

Frank Friday is an attorney in Louisville, Ky.