Hey, WaPo: Time to learn the difference between opinion and fact

In "Trump pulls back from two-state plan" (02/16/17), the Washington Post reporters state that Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu's reason for caution of a two-state solution "stems partly from his skepticism about a peace deal and partly from political pressure at home."  This is not because of anything Netanyahu said.  He identified a need for security for his people and his country.  And with a recent wave of knife attacks, he is not making this up.  On the other hand, The Washington Post continues to make up stuff based on their opinions and interviews of people that agree with them – not facts.

In continuing their fact-free news (so damaging in a time where media distrust is soaring), The Washington Post mimics the Palestinian narrative that "settlements have become one of the main obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement." They provide no data to prove this assertion and don't even attribute that view to a person or group.  It's all Washington Post opinion – yes, in the news section.

Of course those who have done a modicum of research know that Palestinian attacks against Israel began long before settlements ever existed.  Moreover, a classic test case of removing all the settlements from Gaza didn't yield peace; rather, it earned tens of thousands of mortars and rockets fired against Israeli men, women, and children.

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