Guess which important person got the middle finger at Fashion Week

Apparently, it is Fashion Week, and Julie Tong relates that "Italian favorites from Gucci to Prada filled their collections with opulent color, excess, and maximalist style.  While at Versace, powerful words like 'unity,' 'courage,' and 'love' were emblazoned on hats and sleeves and more." 

And, of course, "we can't forget New York Fashion Week's highly anticipated Raf Simons runway debut at Calvin Klein or the plethora of body-positive movements and political statements that took center stage on the runways." 

Those "political statements" included constant rebukes of President Trump in the Ashish shirt that nods to Trump's comments in a leaked Access Hollywood tape, in which he boasted that a rich celebrity can "grab" enthusiastic women enamored of his wealth and status.

Then there was Prabal Gurung, whose shirt read "3 Million," referencing "the number by which Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, despite President Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud."

Not to be outdone, "[d]esigners Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo pose with models from their show wearing Women's March and Planned Parenthood T-shirts. On the runway, models wore Planned Parenthood pins."

But I thought I would save the best for last: "aside from all the memorable moments and prettiest dresses, we want to make sure you are equally caught up on all the best shoes spotted on the catwalk thus far."

One of the "best shoes" on display is called the "Jesus Printed Knee-High Boots, Jeremy Scott, Fall/Winter 2017."

Would the fashion world depict the picture of Mohammad on a pair of boots?  Would they make a statement about the lack of color worn by women in the Muslim world, whose native costumes have all but disappeared as they suffer under the lash of sharia law and dress codes?

Will the Christian world erupt with furious rage and start burning things?  Or was I confusing that rage with visual depictions of another religion's icon?

Just asking.

Jesus Printed Knee-High Boots, Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2017 Photo: ImaxTree

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