Federal funds to sanctuary cities exceed the cost of building the wall

The federal government spends more every year funding sanctuary cities than it would cost to build a wall on our southern border. The Washington Examiner highlights a new report that says the federal government spends nearly $27 billion annually on grants and payments to 106 American sanctuary cities – "money that President Trump has threatened to cut off if they continue to thwart federal immigration officials from seizing illegals in jail for local crimes." The sanctuary city report posted at openthebooks.com notes further that there are "nearly 300 government jurisdictions of states, counties, cities and other governments claiming" sanctuary status. In contrast, estimates to complete another 1,300 miles of the southern border wall – 670 miles of fencing have already been completed – range from $15 billion to $25 billion. States such as Texas, Iowa, and Virginia are debating laws that would cut off state funding for sanctuary cities,...(Read Full Post)