Enemies of the people

Chris Wallace of Fox News and other media reporters are having fits because Trump tweeted that the media are an enemy of the American people. 

When the media willingly support a candidate who clearly violated the law by peddling classified documents but spreads a false story that the intelligence community won't share information with President Trump because they don't trust him, they are enemies both of truth and of the American people. 

There is no indication at all that anyone on the Trump team did anything illegal or improper involving Russia, yet the media is putting out continuous stories implying that there is something wrong.

The IRS clearly targeted political opponents of the Obama administration, but I did not see any indication that the media cared about free speech rights.  In fact, they went along, calling anyone who opposed Obama and big government extremists.

The media know that scientists in and out of government manipulate temperature data, yet instead of reporting that, they go along and try to shut up skeptics, again infringing on free speech rights.  

When the Obama administration challenged the Little Sisters of the Poor for daring to exercise their freedom of religion, the media didn't care.  When ISIS and other terrorist groups terrorize Christians, the media are mostly silent.  When Iran threatens to destroy Israel and the U.S., the media support giving massive amounts of money to Iran.  It is disingenuous at best when they suddenly insist they care about anyone's religious freedom.

When the media go along with a specific agenda of one party by repeating talking points, they are essentially a propaganda arm.

When a president seeks to enforce existing immigration laws, including building a wall that Obama, Hillary, and Biden voted for, that does not threaten democracy. 

John McCain says dictatorships start because people like Trump want to shut up the media, but all Trump wants is for them to give him a fair shake.  I never saw McCain show any concern as Obama continually hid the truth from journalists.  There was little transparency during Obama's eight years, but the media didn't care because they agreed with his agenda. 

Everything I see Trump doing indicates that he wants to give power back to the people and reduce the power of the greedy and ever growing government.  That does not look like a would-be dictator.  Everything I saw Hillary and Obama do or support indicated that they wanted the government to be more powerful.  They looked like dictators-in-waiting, and the media supported them.  The bureaucrats leaking are leftovers from the Obama administration, and the media just repeat what they are told.. 

Trump is America's chance to reduce the size of the greedy government and bureaucracy.  He will need a spine of steel to fight off the media, the Democrats, and establishment Republicans like McCain and Graham – both great reasons for term limits. 

So yes, when the media intentionally seek to sabotage and destroy a president because their chosen candidate lost, they are essentially an enemy of the American people.  They choose what to report and what not to report based on an agenda instead of on actual facts.

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