Education tyranny: What the opposition to DeVos says about liberals

The tyrannical authoritarianism at the core of modern liberalism was revealed in the recent fight over Trump's proposed secretary of education, Betsy DeVos.

Liberals frantically opposed her because she supports school choice, allowing parents to decide which school is best for their child.

The primary problem with school choice, according to liberals, is that it diverts funds away from public schools.  That objection reveals the authoritarian nature of modern liberalism.

The only way school choice will direct money away from public schools is if a significant number of parents eschew public schools in favor of private schools.  Hence, liberals assume that given the choice, a large number of parents will decide not to use public schools.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be concerned about money being taken away from public schools.

There are two reasons that parents might make that choice: either they think the private schools might succeed in educating their child or they, the parents, are stupid or don't really care about their child.

Clearly, if the former is the case, then liberals are saying they have the right to compel parents, especially poor black parents, to send their children to schools those parents know are not educating their children.

The later case is an example of liberal hubris and pride.  Liberals think they can, at a national cookie-cutter level, do a better job in deciding what is best for children, especially poor black children, than their parents can.  In fact, it's a singularly racist concept that poor black parents either care less about their children than rich white liberals or are too stupid to know what's best for their children.

The discussion tends to be about blacks because inner-city schools in Democrat cities mostly populated by blacks are where public education has a decades-long record of failure.  Public schools in white suburbia tend to be much better, partially because the students' parents, being the taxpayers who pay for the school, have more clout in demanding a quality product.

In fact, it's inconceivable that the utter failure of the public schools in inner cities would be tolerated for a year, much less decades, in the white suburbs.  This points to the racism that allows liberals to be perfectly comfortable with black kids failing to get a decent education in Democrat-run cities.

Whether liberals believe that parents don't have the right to choose their children's schools or that parents are too stupid to make the right choice, it's the height of authoritarianism to presume that the "elites" have the right to force the population to educate their children as they are told.

When discussing DeVos, it's useful to ask those who oppose her what's wrong with letting poor blacks choose what schools their children can go to.  After all, Barack Obama didn't send his kids to public schools.  Neither did Hillary Clinton. 

Even more interestingly, in big Democrat-run cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia, 40% of public school teachers send their children to private schools.

The reality is that liberals don't really care about blacks, since blacks vote for Democrats no matter what, but they do care about the huge political contributions of the teachers unions.  Those unions have long since given up caring about the students and become machines whose sole purpose is to maximize teachers' paychecks, no matter how poorly teachers perform – which is why teachers unions violently oppose rewarding excellent teachers with higher paychecks.

It's time to point out the rabidly racist and authoritarian aspects of liberals' objections to using competition to ensure that the poorest Americans, most of whom are black, can actually get a decent education.

While the liberals who regularly compare Trump to Hitler and call for his overthrow in a coup will declare that mentioning their authoritarian and racist roots is "uncivil," we can't let them continue to lie to the low-information voters about things that are critical to the poor in America.  Black Americans are too valuable to America to be denied a decent education.

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