DNC appears ready to go full Trump-hate, ignoring sole voice of sanity in race for new chairman

Something remarkable happened yesterday at a “Future Forum” of the Democratic National Committee: one candidate for the chairmanship of the party told the truth. Needless to say, he is being ignored. The truth-teller, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley, prefaced his remarks by saying that they would cost him the race. Via Grabien: "My answer might cost me this race. I'm sorry. While many of you know that I am openly gay, what many of you don't know is that I came from the lowest of the white working class. Let me tell you, when we are running hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercials telling the voters, oh, our opponent is offensive. When you are worried about your damn agent [correction: paycheck], your job, whether your kids are going to school, they don't really give a crap about if the president is an insult dog. The reality is that we did not offer a positive message. We did not offer a message to my neighbors. We...(Read Full Post)