Deranged Millennials, academicians, and Hollywood crap shooters

In the two weeks since the inauguration of our 45th president, we have seen the world erupt into predictable chaos.  Anarchy has been fomented by the growing underworld of arrogant progressives who believe they are the most intelligent beings on the planet.  Some say this effort is orchestrated by a billionaire who lives for just one thing: to tear down the fabric of our society, destroy our Constitution, and remove the collective freedoms we have all come to enjoy.  His methods revolve around inciting fear in women and minorities who fail to realize that their freedoms in America are unprecedented and available nowhere else on Earth.  The endgame is to install a globalist-dominated one-world order and destroy the American two-party system.

Thankfully, his progressive agenda has been disrupted by Americans who successfully voted against his plan.  As a pernicious architect, George Soros has drafted his mindless minions to attack anyone whose opinions do not match their own.  Groupthink is mandatory.  Many adherents are making it personal to the point of attacking longtime friends and loved ones.  In recent evidence, we saw riots at U.C. Berkeley, coordinated via social media, to protest the speaking engagement of Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative thinker.

Ironically, Hollywood has instituted a ground game akin to 1950s McCarthyism, targeting only conservatives.  Actors and screenwriters were once blacklisted as communist sympathizers.  Sixty years later, they have turned the tables.  Assuming they are geo-political experts, Hollywood A-listers call on their colleagues and sycophantic admirers to stand firm against anyone who does not share their cult agenda.  Although charismatic and glamorous, most have neither the historical expertise nor the intellectual acumen to logically analyze national or world politics.  Yet they gladly act as a collective Pied Piper, leading simple-minded fans to a false paradise, dividing citizens and families – pitting one against the other.

Similarly, many Millennial-aged university students and their peers are following the progressive blueprint to disrupt and discredit the life of anyone who does not agree with them.  Attack is their modus operandi.

Personally, I have been targeted by someone who was once a close friend.  This individual has attempted to quash my First Amendment rights and smear my reputation through email, social media, and other public forums.  Sadly, this person also teaches at the university level and has stooped to tactics unbecoming an educator or leader of students.  To this person, Millennials, and progressives, I direct the following:

I could address you in a disrespectful manner – but I won't.  My preference is polite discussion and intelligent debate.  I could be emotional and unhinged; however, I prefer logical thought and positive contemplation.  Finally, I could absorb your vitriol and retaliate in kind.  Instead, I will simply avoid you, because your actions supplant rational thinking.  Someone needs to smack you awake and tear down the web of indoctrination in which you've become entangled.

You pompously believe that your newly acquired advanced education makes you more worldly and intelligent than those of us who have been fighting the battle for much longer than you have – or ever will.  We have witnessed and rejected the evil you fawn over.  In the past, to keep you safe, we've stared it down and beaten it back.  Many gave their lives to save yours.  Yet you are petulant, cheeky, and ungrateful.

Your moral high ground is actually buried deep within the belly of the beast.  You are too blinded by your self-congratulatory, high-five stance to see it.  You've approached current events from the standpoint of a brainwashed infant, a mere puppet, joining an army of vacant-minded, pampered, and precious children who have always gotten their way.  You are clueless to the spreading global evil that has devoured your soul.  You scream Nazism when it is you who are a newly anointed brown shirt – a pawn.  You broadcast and signal your virtue by standing with people who follow and praise unimaginable malevolence. 

Perhaps you will wake up and realize that what you have done is self-defeating not only to your country, but to your children and grandchildren.  You have let your guard down and sold your soul to the master manipulator.  Eventually, you will wish you had taken more time to study and analyze the malignant undercurrent of which you are now a part.  Will it be too late?  Will you ultimately regret the day you fell for the chicanery?  Wake up!  Study before you act.  Contemplate before you speak, and for the love of God, stop before you destroy yourselves and everyone you value.