Big bluff propaganda


The Big Lie theory has long fascinated compliance strategists and inspired many wannabe dictators to use deception as a pendulum during an attempted "mass-hypnosis."

Correlation between government and disinformation led to a socio-political myth: "this is the way it works – the rule can never change" – and substantially damaged people's trust not only in officials, but in their own electoral power.

Naturally, the weavers of this web of deception and other dwellers of the cozy anti-accountability cocoon will declare war on an "outsider."  The proof is in how President Trump has been welcomed.

Donald Trump has a leadership-wise promising feature that must be particularly unsettling for the deep-seated oligarchs.  Whatever he does, he tries his best.  These days, he is committed to making America great again.

Obama and his royal court brought the liar's game to another level, and even "enriched" the methodology of propaganda in what I would like to call the Big Bluff strategy.

While there is nothing new in trying to mislead by a display of confidence in the strength of one's political cards, an attempt to normalize playing with fake aces and a virtual deck, creating a massive propaganda operation is actually quite innovative.

In terms of political warfare, the favorable climate for the extensive propaganda operation was assured by the implementation of the allied left's agenda not in one, but in several countries simultaneously.  Journalistic objectivity ceded its place to political dictate; political correctness "extended" freedom of speech on the left to blatant lies and insults and suppressed insurgent opinions through gate-keeping bias.

On social grounds, every "caste" received an unfair share: corruption or coercion for top figures of opposing parties, disdain for the "commoners," and indoctrination for the most gullible "pawns" – and immunity for pets and harassment for whistleblowers.

The Big Bluff strategy stemmed from a wishful theory: a thousand-year-old value and belief system was to be wiped out in a short period of time, the reasoning of people was to be affected by anti-values and fallacies, until a nation´s identity, morale, and "immune system" are destroyed.  Compliance strategists aimed to throw the liar's dice very far – outside logic and away from human nature.  Open borders were to let in a hostile flood of immigrants, and people were told to be happy about it – and learn to believe it.

The core elements of the  Big Bluff are technique of Inevitable Victory and a doctrine: if mainstream media present minority as majority, their presentation will come true.  Media coverage of the recent election is a good example of the strategy: the victory of the left was so "sure" that voting for another candidate should be seen as pointless.  Everyone was supposed to jump on the bandwagon.

Despite the fiasco, the left is determined to continue the Big Bluff and to keep its delusional agenda on the surface of the  political ocean by means of deception, sabotage, and organized riots.

Let there be no mistake: propaganda is political warfare based on hostile intent, and it must be addressed as decisively as every other act of aggression authored by an enemy, foreign or domestic.