Berkeley riots, in photos, from Zombietime

Here's a treasure not many have seen – the well known chronicler of the left, Zombietime, has taken and posted photos of the left as it trashed the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday night.  Zombie, who's a prodigious chronicler of the rabid left in action on the streets, has not disappointed in capturing the thuggery; the rage; the lunatic signage; and, of course, the Che Guevara imagery characteristic of all of these rent-a-mob events.

Such images, taken without the filter of a toadying media, serve as a historic record to show the left as it really is.  They also illustrate Glenn Reynolds's arch-analysis – to wit: want More Trump?  This is how you get More Trump.

Here is but one small sample:

The photo caption is spot on:

Even those who didn't personally commit violence contributed to the mindset which allowed it, by comparing Milo's comedic speaking tour to "ethnic cleansing" and genocide. People such as this woman think they haven't bloodied their own hands personally, but they all cheered when violence erupted.

See the rest here.


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