After eight years of neglect Durbin suddenly cares about Poland and Ukraine

It's amazing, Durbin went to Europe and according to Durbin  the things he heard from Poland and Ukraine were that they were scared of Trump. Somehow Durbin must have handed them Democrat talking points. . 

During Obama's eight years Durbin never cared when Obama reneged on the U.S deal to put missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic. I guess Poland didn't contact Durbin then. He didn't have any problem when Obama whispered to the Russian leader in 2012 that he would have more flexibility after he was reelected. He didn't have an issue when Obama essentially laughed at Romney for saying Russia was dangerous.  And he had no problem when the Obama administration essentially approved the sale of Uranium to Russia. Of course Durbin was also a supporter of the Iran deal (where the Administration continuously lied) which gave Iran hundreds of billions of dollars of which they use a substantial amount to spread terrorism around the world and to buy weapons from Russia.

Not once during Obama's term did Durbin question anything Obama did with Russia or demand a hearing but now he and Ukraine and Poland are all of a sudden concerned about Trump. What pure BS. Trump has actually not done anything at all that would demand a hearing but Obama essentially did things to increase Russia's power and to hurt Poland and Ukraine yet Durbin, the Democrats and the media didn't care. 

A little history on Durbin:

As a Congressman, Durbin supported abortion restrictions including ones that would have nullified Roe vs. Wade.  How did he get from that position to supporting abortion with no restrictions? The answer is he will do whatever Democrats tell him to do in order to move up in power. Babies are still babies. He certainly is lacking a core set of beliefs. Democrats always say they have a big tent. The problem is that they have a tiny little door. Democrats can say whatever they want to get elected but they have to comply with their masters to move up the power structure. There is almost a zero likelihood to be allowed to speak or to move up the power ladder if a Democrat is Pro-life or heaven forbid, if they said the climate changes naturally. They would be taken behind the woodshed until they have been properly indoctrinated. If anyone wants to see what a glass ceiling looks like try to defy Democrat leaders and see what your chance is. Blacks, LGBT members and women who are conservative don't count. 

Durbin also was a participant in the House banking scandal. Bouncing checks (using money you don't have) can be a crime. It is no wonder Durbin rails against banks. He was taught by many other politicians that it didn't matter if you actually had money in your account before you spent it. That is why they pretend things are free. 

It is sad that Durbin and other Democrats never went after Obama no matter what he did but are willing to go after Trump no matter what he hasn't done. 

It is truly a shame that there are few if any Democrats willing to go after other Democrats no matter what. I would be willing to donate some Republicans to them, McCain, Graham and Collins come to mind. They are much harder on Trump in his first thirty days than they ever were on Obama. It is a shame what so many will do to protect their power. Somehow the media can never find Democrats who trash Democrats but always can find a few Republicans to trash Republicans. My guess is they are out there but the media doesn't look very hard. McCain was a hero to the media and Democrats until he ran for President and then they trashed him. He became a hero again when he became willing to trash Trump. 

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