Academy Awards should blame ‘Russian hacking’ for their embarrassment in announcing the wrong ‘Best Picture’ winner

Hollywood stars are noted for their infallibility: just ask Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Matt Damon, and they will explain politics in terms of absolute certainty (spoiler alert: conservatives are always wrong). In case you have not already seen it (like most people, I skipped the show), here is what happened: So the humiliation of last night's finale of the Oscars show, where the wrong winner was announced, cannot be allowed to damage the credibility of the Hollywood community.  I have a suggestion: blame the Russians. Just as with the presidential election, every pundit who matters knew who would win: Hillary had the election in the bag, and La La Land similarly was a lock for the Best Picture statue. Vladimir Putin as seen as the most perfect villain ever for the left (except for the parts about the reset button fiasco and Hillary approving 20% of our uranium supply being sold to the Russkies, but hey, the media will consign that to the...(Read Full Post)