A court decision against the Department of Justice captures the absurdity of big government

The wisdom of Solomon was not exactly necessary for a court to overrule the decision of the Department of Justice in addressing one of the deepest issues of the day: is a Snuggie a robe or a blanket?

I am not kidding.

Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart writes:

A federal trade court ruled that a Snuggie is a blanket, not a robe, for tariff purposes.

The court ruled that the cozy, fleecy coverings aren't considered to be "robes or priestly vestments" and shouldn't be taxed at a higher rate, Bloomberg BNA reported.

The Justice Department argued that Snuggies are apparel and should be taxed higher than blankets, but their argument was struck down Friday by the Court of International Trade's Judge Mark Barnett. (snip)

The battle between Allstar and the Justice Department on the fate of the Snuggie has waged for over a decade in court, Quartz reports.

Tariffs are taxes, of course, so the DoJ's position was simply a matter of government greed.  And the philosophical dispute was anything but.

 A faithful reader spotted the opportunities for humor:  

I knew the comments would be priceless, and they were. Enjoy a sampling!

That was a nail biter, I was on the edge of my seat...

Will this affect Pajama boy?

Thank God! I've been losing sleep over this for years.

I hope this is fake news. If not, with all the problems facing our country, the idea that our DOJ wasted 10 years and millions of dollars arguing over whether something is a robe or blanket to get an extra 6.4% in tax is mind numbing. Our government is bankrupting US attempting to micromanage everything. It's insane!

Thank goodness that's settled. Now we can get on with minutiae like immigration and health care.

This is judicial overreach. A SNUGGIE, is obviously a robe. Where was this decided, the 9th District? You idiots must open your eggs from the small end. Prepare for total war.

In what religion are monkey faces on a turquoise blue background a "priestly vestment" or a "clerical or ecclesiastical garment?"

Ten years?!? Really? The swamp needs to be drained DRY......

I can sleep now.

Snuggies look like something people in cults would wear while they wait for the great mother ship to take them back to their home planet.

Snuggies not a robe? We'd better not tell Bat Boy, man he's gonna be pissed.

Not sure which is worse, the DOJ deciding what is or what is not a robe or blanket, or a court of law making that decision.

Get ready for campaign pledges for 2020: "We will appoint judges who will overturn Blanket v. Robe!" "We will appoint judges who will uphold "Blanket v. Robe!"

If the back is open doesn't it make it a warmer hospital gown?

Now if they could only make immigration law.

I can't begin to count the number of hours of sleep I have lost awaiting this court decision.

Finally...this puts to rest the age-old debate. The next case on the court's docket will decide whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Finally after decades, it's resolved. Now maybe I can get a good nights sleep. Wonder who I can sue for all the years of anxiety I've endured because this drug on for so long.

finally! this settles the burning question that has haunted us for a decade.

LOL. The important issues.

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