You're right: he's not your presidente

As the "resistance" to soon to be President Donald J. Trump (R) continues its accelerating downward craziness spiral, this picture captures the total cognitive dissonance of the "resisters."  (Oh, and no, they're not brave "resisters"; they're narcissist crybabies acting out.)

(Credit: Noah Berger/Reuters)

Young lady, you are correct: he is not your presidente.  But he is my president.  And your sign is emblematic of why so many Americans of diverse (using that worn out lefty term correctly) backgrounds chant to Trump, "Build The Wall."  Although I don't know if you and/or your parents are here legally, I do know that however and whenever you arrived here, you made minimal attempt to learn the language and other culture niceties of the USA or to adapt to the USA because your loyalties remain with your native country and its culture, not to the USA.

But my pointing out the inherent and yes, I will use the word  racist implications of your sign will inevitably draw accusations of racism from the crybabies.  Well, good.

Whether or not I voted for or approved of Barack Hussein Obama (D), he was my president, as I accepted the results of the elections of 2008 and 2012 in my country.  And whether or not I voted for and approve of Donald J. Trump, I accept the results of the 2016 election in my country.  My motto was not, is not, resist.  I'm an adult; I'm not a crybaby.  If there are certain policies I want enacted, there are procedures to do so.  And if not successful, I will not throw bombs.

So bye-bye to you, and please return to your president, your dictator, your ruler, your master.