WaPo smears Israel

The Washington Post has provided yet another tiresome front-page smear against Israeli Jews who want to live in an area considered disputed territory, though Israel won it after being attacked by Jordan in 1967 ("Israel forges ahead on new housing" 1/25/17).  This is land the Palestinians claim to want for a future state, though they refuse to sit down and negotiate for it.  The Post repeats once again that Jewish housing construction in the West Bank is "condemned by most of the world."  Former president Obama called the neighborhoods "illegitimate."

This same "most of the world" condemned misbehaving countries 24 times with U.N. General Assembly resolutions in 2016.  With all the horrible human rights violations and atrocities in the world, there was only one resolution against Syria, one against Russia, one against Iran, and one against North Korea.  Zero against the entire rest of the world.  Whom were the remaining 20 against?  You guessed it!  They were against one of the smallest countries in the world – the only democracy in the Middle East Israel.

The tally of the resolutions speaks for itself to any honest person.  It is quite clear, therefore, that "most of the world's" views are illegitimate.  The Washington Post's preoccupation with Jewish homes is also illegitimate. 

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