Tucker Carlson embarrasses a refugee inflow advocate

Alinksy’s Fourth Rule is working for us these days, as more and more conservatives demand that lefties live up to their rhetoric.  Last night, Tucker Carlson provided us an excellent example of the tactic.

(I am a little bit worried that lefties are going to start to realize that they are like lambs to the slaughter if they accept a booking as a guest on Tucker Carlson’s eponymous Fox News show.  But of course, most professional advocates of progressivism are convinced that they are so much smarter than any conservative that they have nothing to worry about.)

Last night’s episode of the show featured one of the best ever demolitions of a smug prog.

J. Kevin Appleby is “the senior director of international migration policy for the Center for Migration Studies (CMS)” and an advocate of accepting many refugees.  This may have some relation to his former work for Catholic charities, some of which earn very large amounts of money from taxpayers by providing services to refugees.  More refugees = more money for those tax-exempt religious organizations providing services.

In his interview, Carlson expertly sliced and diced the arguments he received, and Appleby was unable to respond in an effective manner, in my opinion.  The video (hat tip: Conservative Treehouse) takes nine minutes, but it is great!