Trump's entry ban should be expanded to additional high-risk countries

Donald Trump has temporarily imposed a ban on people entering the country from places like Syria, Iraq, and Iran, which makes perfects sense.  But there are many other countries he did not include on his list that he should have.

Saudi Arabia.  Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on 9/11, as well as Osama bin Laden himself, were Saudis.  Of course, banning Saudis from coming into America is not a simple thing.  We have strong economic relationships with the Saudi theocracy.  But in many ways, Saudi Arabia is the enemy.  Their educational system and media teach that non-Muslims are worthy of contempt.  Saudis export their radical Wahhabi ideology in places like Pakistan, which are basically factories for producing Talibanis.  They have never been called to account for this in a serious way.  A temporary entry ban might get their attention.

Turkey.  The Russian ambassador to Turkey was recently assassinated.  Terrorist bombings in Turkey are commonplace.  The ruler of Turkey is an authoritarian Islamist.  It's not a safe place to let people in from.

Egypt. The ruler of Egypt, Abdel El-Sisi, is an ally of the United States.  That's great.  But Egypt is also ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood.  At the very least, we should intensively screen those from this country.

United Arab Emirates.  The UAE is permeated by radicalism.

While the UAE ranks as the sixth richest country in the world, a widespread presence of ISIS- and Al Qaeda- affiliated groups persists in the area and poses a serious threat to American citizens, according to the State Department.

"Both historical and current information suggest that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Qaida, and affiliated organizations continue to plan attacks against Western targets," states a safety notice on the department's website, using alternate spellings for the groups.

A travel ban would be awkward, because the UAE is full of rich and influential Arabs.  But as with Saudi Arabia, a temporary ban might be useful to persuade the government to crack down on radicals.

Tunisia.  Remember the guy who ran down a few dozen people in Nice, France?  Guess where he was from.  That's right: Tunisia.  A lot of the terrorism in France is caused by Tunisian immigrants.

Afghanistan.  We're losing in Afghanistan (it's the truth, sorry!) because so much of the population supports radical Islam.  We shouldn't let anyone in from there.

Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most anti-American countries on the Earth.  It sheltered Osama bin Laden, it shelters (present tense) the Taliban, and it tolerates hundreds of madrassas, which produce more and more radicals every year.  We need a ban from this country, too.

Yes, these countries would be angry and "outraged!" at such a ban.  Good.  Maybe some of them would get their act together and stop playing footsy with both sides and crack down on radicals.  If not, an entry ban is even more warranted.

The New York Daily News, in an extensive list of Donald Trump's assets, claims that Trump is not cracking down on many of these countries because he has strong business ties in places like Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  Trump should prove them wrong and expand his entry ban to include these countries.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at