The reviews are in, and Obama failed

The Obama reviews are coming in.  It's hard to see how anyone can defend President Obama's two terms, as Justin Haskins wrote:

Shortly after being sworn into office in January 2009, President Obama, along with Democrats in Congress, spent trillions of dollars on government bailouts, stimulus packages, and various social welfare programs -- all passed with the promise they would reverse one of the most significant economic crashes the country has experienced.

After nearly eight years in office, though, Obama has failed to deliver on many of his campaign promises and has left America worse-off than it was when he entered the White House.

Let's be specific:  

1) not a single year of 3% GDP growth or higher

2) jobs increased by less than 7 million  i.e. not enough

3) food stamps up significantly

4) student loan debt now exceeds $1.3 trillion, or the size of Canada's GDP

5) Obamacare has messed up an excellent health care system that needed reforms, not a government takeover

6) we've added $10 trillion to the national debt.

As regards the debt, what do we have to show for such an increase in debt?  Do we have a stronger military?  Do we have better infrastructure than we did in 2009?   

By any measurement, including President Obama's promises as candidate and president, he has failed.

Our economy is weaker.  Our foreign policy is leaving president-elect Trump a very unsafe world.

The reviews are in, and his policies did not work.

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