The Left-Jihad Alliance revives the notorious ‘backstab’ mythology

It is now clear beyond reasonable doubt that Obama and the corrupt establishment represents a Left-Jihad Axis that now appears to be worldwide. The simultaneous "women's marches" and other staged demonstration making headlines in the Fakestream Media today have to be organized.

What we are seeing is a repetition of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, also called the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938, where the Nazis and Soviets forged an alliance against the West. That soon broke down when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, bringing all the horrors of World War II down on the USSR.

The Left-Jihad Axis is clearly visible. Or do you really think that the feminist Left spontaneously supports the cruel slavery of women and children in the radical Muslim world? No. This "global revolt," being talked up by the Fakestream today was triggered by verbal attacks on Trump, who has been "deligitimized" in the eyes of the Axis of Evil, using CIA head Brennan to falsely confirm wild rumors that "We wuz robbed! The Big Monster stole the election."

Looking back at this moment Americans will realize that we are seeing a direct repetition of Adolf Hitler's Dolchstoss myth, the "We wuz stabbed in the back!" argument Hitler used to rise to power in post World War I Germany. The Backstab myth is identical to the disinformation campaign progressive Democrats have been waging, and not even very secretly.