The left and logic

Why are progressive people so aggressive, compulsive, and nearsighted?  No doubt there are those on the other side, but to their credit, they tend to keep quieter about it. I have been mulling over the events of the past few days after the inauguration of Donald Trump.  The behavior of these progressive people who have been relentless in their obnoxiousness and inappropriateness since the inauguration is so terribly disappointing and distressing.  From a group that constantly espouses “co-exist,” “love trumps hate,” “diversity,” etc. comes the most overwhelming hatred and divisiveness.  How is it that these people can never take a moment to hear or see themselves? During President Trump’s campaigning, time and again, the media called out his rally attendees as being too white.  Did not those same cameras scan the crowds at this weekend’s whiners’ march?  If you look at who was out...(Read Full Post)