The Democrats’ acidic petulance

Still posted on the CNN website is a months-old interview that again reveals the stunning phoniness of today’s hard-left Democrat-press complex.

In the clip, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin referred to a gracious letter George H.W. Bush left for incoming President Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993.  Citing the letter as an example of how “bad blood can dissipate,” Baldwin read a passage in which Bush welcomed Clinton to the White House as our president, with the word “our” underlined.  When the pre-election segment was aired, news media pollsters were expecting Hillary Clinton to register a substantial Electoral College victory, and Baldwin asked Lawrence Hass, Al Gore’s former press secretary, “If Trump loses and if Trump accepts the outcome, do you think Mr. Trump will acknowledge that she will be, to borrow the word ‘our’ president?”

Hass: “I can only hope so because that has been the sacred tradition for more than 200 years. You know, Presidents traditionally leave letters of that kind to their successors. Now in the case of 1992 and 1993 in the transition there, the loser was the incumbent so he, in fact, very painfully but very graciously left that letter. Outgoing Presidents leave these letters to incoming Presidents, which highlight the special nature of American democracy. What I fear is that Donald Trump not only is undermining it at home but, keep in mind, we are a beacon of hope for people all over the world. They envy our system and it is irresponsible, both at home and as America’s role abroad, to cast unfounded doubt on this sacred system that has served us so well.”

But something happened on the way to the forum. The wrong person won, so all this high-minded sanctimony was jettisoned immediately.

On the same CNN site was another news account, this one posted days before President-Elect Trump’s inauguration, lauding the growing inaugural boycott, led by “civil rights icon” John Lewis, being staged by Democrat members of Congress.

Don’t expect the White House to urge restraint in defense of the “sacred tradition” that calls for the respectful transfer of power.  Now, according to Obama administration press secretary Josh Earnest, these boycotts are an “expression of the divisions in the country right now,” and U.S. representatives are “freer to express their opinions.”  

In truth, Earnest believes that the rapidly diminishing numbers of Democrats remaining in Congress and in state houses across the land are so convinced of their own righteousness that the most revolting display of petulance is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

With thousands of anarchists conspiring to disrupt or curtail inaugural events, Democrats in Congress are essentially urging them on with their acidic behavior.

CNN did its part with a stunningly irresponsible report in which it wistfully speculated that Democrats might be able to maintain the White House if Trump were assassinated before being sworn in.  “Who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president ... just as the transfer of power is underway? It would be a ‘designated presidential successor’ who, for security reasons, would not attend the inauguration,” CNN reported.  And the best part: “[I]t won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary ... it will be an Obama appointee.”

The dangerous garishness of the Democratic Party and their sycophants in the press and on the streets of Washington, D.C. is as unprecedented as it is shameful.