The boys are back in town

It is often said of unhappy couples that they "lack communication."  However, this is almost never the case.  Lack of communication may be a problem in long-distance relationships, but for men and women who are trying to live together, it is rarely lack of communication that causes problems.  Unhappiness more often arises in the inability to respect and reconcile different styles of communication.  The complaint "we never communicate" is almost always communicated by the female.  This has to do with a basic difference in the problem-solving style between men and women.  This is a generalization: for most women, yakking is the solution, and for most men, yakking is the problem.

This sex difference (and yes, the proper term is "sex," not "gender") is based on the most fundamental and universal biological and psychological difference between males and females – the tendency and capacity to resort to physical aggression when all else fails to solve problems.  Psychologically, this sex difference places a much more severe demand on males than on females to control and suppress aggression across all social interactions.  In normal female psychology, aggression generally tops out in verbal behavior, whereas in normal male psychology, there is a much deeper imprint of the danger of physical aggression.  How this plays out in the yakking dichotomy is that while the Missus is feeling relieved and validated in talking on and on about her dissatisfactions, the Mister starts to feel anxious that he may become aggressive and wants the yakking to stop.

Another way of framing this sex difference is between process and outcome problem-solving orientations.  Process-oriented people like to talk about problems.  They seek a deeper understanding of difficulties and are often relieved to re-experience strong emotions associated with their problems.  Favorite bumper sticker: I brake for Kleenex.  Outcome-oriented people make a much faster assessment and then expect to take action.  Favorite bumper sticker: There is no problem on earth that cannot be solved by the use of high explosives.

Painting again with a broad brush, females tend to be more process-oriented, and males tend to be more outcome-oriented.  This is why psychologists, therapists, and counselors tend to be women.  Husbands are more likely than wives to be dragged to marital counseling.  Often, the husband seeks counseling only when he notices the suitcases by the front door.

It is not possible to imagine a more outcome-oriented human being than President Trump.  The fact that he uses tweets has been described as a brilliant maneuver to outsmart the enemy media.  It may be that President Trump's tweeting is less a political strategy than a natural expression of his problem-solving style, which can often be explained in 140 characters.  Then it's time to take action.

For years, the feminized American mind has been indoctrinated to believe that talking solves everything.  Obama and his ilk hid behind that propaganda to weaken the military and damage the nation.  That day is over, or at least on hold.  The boys are back in town.