Secret Service agent who said she wouldn't 'take a bullet' for Trump put on paid leave

A Secret Service agent out of the Denver office who wrote in a Facebook post that she wouldn't "take a bullet" for President Trump and openly came out in favor of Hillary Clinton, thus violating the Hatch Act, has been placed on paid leave by the agency while an investigation is conducted. Washington Examiner: An agency spokeswoman on Friday afternoon informed the Washington Examiner of the management action, which takes the agent off the job with pay while the investigation proceeds. The move is a sign that the agency is taking the investigation against Kerry O'Grady, the agent who wrote the Facebook post, seriously. Critics, however, question why it took the agency three months and a report in the Washington Examiner earlier this week for it to initiate the probe. On Wednesday night, the Secret Service announced that it was formally investigating the special agent who suggested on Facebook that she would rather endure "jail...(Read Full Post)