Sabotage: Washington Post prods government workers to derail Trump’s presidency

The Washington Post’s leftward tilt is accelerating under Jeff Bezos.  The mainstream media cannot handle the fact that Donald Trump was elected president and have been on their own campaign to derail his presidency. The Post’s latest action is particularly egregious.  At the end of a column decrying Myron Ebell, who is overseeing Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition, and his plans to shrink the agency, Joe Davidson writes: With all of the controversy surrounding Trump’s executive order suspending immigration from certain Muslim majority countries, we’d like to get your thoughts on these questions: Under what circumstances, if any, do you feel federal employees should disregard an administration’s policies? If you are a federal employee, would you ever consider disregarding an administration policy? Send your replies to with “disregarding policy” in the subject...(Read Full Post)