Republicans have no choice but to keep the rug under Obamacare’s newly insured

Democrat rhetoric over the past few days would have us believe that the “Republican plan to replace Obamacare” is “nonexistent,” as a New York Times op-ed by Nicholas Kristof declares. The Republicans have no shortage of plans, but their real dilemma is that Obamacare added some 20 million previously uninsured Americans to the insurance rolls, and the Republicans have no choice but to allocate the funds to maintain coverage for those newly insured. The Chicago Tribune emphasizes the importance of continuing coverage for the newly insured: If millions of Americans lose coverage, whether by GOP inaction or action, guess who takes the blame? And Vice President-Elect Mike Pence has acknowledged that “the Trump administration doesn't want – or plan to have – any coverage disruptions for the 20 million Americans insured.” If the price of eliminating the Obamacare regulatory structure is paying for the newly insured,...(Read Full Post)