Rand Paul: Keeping Medicaid expansion the 'big question' of Obamacare repeal

There is no issue more fraught with political danger in repealing Obamacare than the question of what to do about the expansion of Medicaid. The majority of people who got insured under Obamacare got it by a massive expansion of the Medicaid entitlement program.  Americans who live in households that show income 138% above the poverty line are currently eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. Fully 15 million people have been added to the Medicaid rolls since Obamacare was implemented.  Surprisingly, almost half of those people were already eligible for Medicaid but hadn't signed up for it previously.  The rest of the enrollees took advantage of the expanded criteria for eligibility. So it's not simply a question of rolling back Medicaid expansion and throwing 15 million people off their insurance.  And Rand Paul recognizes the problem in repeal-replace. Politico: The Kentucky Republican, who along with President-elect Donald Trump has...(Read Full Post)