Once again, the left have screwed over the people they pretend to champion

Once again, the left has endangered the very people it claims to want to help: black inner-city dwellers.  A violent war on police was triggered by Baltimore’s Democrat leadership, including the Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who claimed that some police officers "choose to engage in violence, brutality, [and] racism," and they would be removed, and the elected state's attorney Marilyn Mosby, whose conduct was so outrageous that she now must face a lawsuit charging her with malicious prosecution in the wake of the total failure to obtain any convictions.

The city of Baltimore was wracked with riots, as all readers know.

But the damage is not limited to the burned out stores, ruined businesses, and those injured in the violence.  For reasons that any rational person understands, Baltimore is having trouble maintaining adequate numbers of police to maintain public order, foreshadowing more bloodshed, more violence, and more damage to the lives of Baltimore residents, who are disproportionately black and poor.

WJZ-TV, CBS Baltimore reports:

Baltimore City’s Police Union is sounding the alarm because they say the department is in crisis due to the fact that it has too few officers.

According to a new report, there are more than 100 fewer Baltimore City PD officers than last year, with the union saying this poses a safety concern as officers are being overworked.

The police union president calls the situation “dire.”

“You get in a crisis mode like we’re in right now with crime out of control and not enough uniformed officers on the street,” said Lt. Gene Ryan, president of the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police. “I would say it’s at a crisis point.”

Police would not comment, but plan to the address the union’s blunt criticism on Friday.

With politicians anxious to demonize police and assume the worst about their intentions, with a hostile citizenry picking up on these slurs, it is no surprise that qualified people are reluctant to take police jobs, which have always been dangerous and stressful.  As a result, we have both shortages of police on the streets, and an anticipated decline in the quality of people hired.

The primary victims of all of this are the people the left purports to champion.  It is all so predictable that it is hard to understand why anyone falls for the Dems' claims.

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