Obscenity- and violent rhetoric-laced ‘women’s march’ was a bleeping disaster for the left

We conservatives have a secret weapon on our political battles with the left: their own hatred for us and for the country we love.  The inauguration of Donald Trump was a trigger for the left to let their inner essence become visible, with no need for any “Russian hacking.”  And best of all, the MSM, in particular CNN and MSNBC, gave huge amounts of coverage to the primal scream day, including live coverage of rants containing liberal amounts of obscenity form the likes of Madonna and Ashley Judd. Even a serious Trump critic like Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast saw the futility of it all: During the celebration of the peaceful transfer of power this weekend, we were treated to some crude and irresponsible comments from liberal celebrities: Madonna told Trump voters, “[F---] you. [F---] you,” and added that she had “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Ashley Judd continued the trend, reciting a poem called...(Read Full Post)