Obscenity- and violent rhetoric-laced ‘women’s march’ was a bleeping disaster for the left

We conservatives have a secret weapon on our political battles with the left: their own hatred for us and for the country we love.  The inauguration of Donald Trump was a trigger for the left to let their inner essence become visible, with no need for any “Russian hacking.”  And best of all, the MSM, in particular CNN and MSNBC, gave huge amounts of coverage to the primal scream day, including live coverage of rants containing liberal amounts of obscenity form the likes of Madonna and Ashley Judd.

Even a serious Trump critic like Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast saw the futility of it all:

During the celebration of the peaceful transfer of power this weekend, we were treated to some crude and irresponsible comments from liberal celebrities: Madonna told Trump voters, “[F---] you. [F---] you,” and added that she had “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

Ashley Judd continued the trend, reciting a poem called “Nasty Woman” that was written by a Tennessee teen. “I didn’t know devils could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets,” the poem declared.

The Trump = Hitler meme has already become counterproductive, and Mike Godwin must be getting tired of seeing his law validated.  After Hitler (who would consign Trump’s apple-of-his-eye daughter and his grandchildren to the gas chambers), what else is there?  With a hat tip to Joe (“gonna put y’all back in chains”) Biden, there is the looming threat of slavery:

“I will not stand idly by while a man named Donald Trump and his team attempt to thrust us back into slavery,” said Trump protester Eric Myers, according to The Washington Times.

Rhetoric like this is not believed by anybody in a literal sense.  Its expression is merely a venting of rage.  As was the entire day.

Here is a bulletin for leftists: rage is not an attractive state of being.  It repulses everyone who is not similarly enraged.

So Ashley Judd, who used to have genuine appeal as a cute female protagonist, is now known to the public for her extreme anger.  It’s tough enough being a 48-year-old female actress formerly popular for being cute without adding obscenity-laced anger to the public image one carries around.  Male buyers of movie tickets have seen enough angry women in their lives.

While leftists take comfort in the marchers supporting them all around the world, the majority of Americans are not used to following the advice of foreigners about how we should govern ourselves.

Then there are those signs carried in Washington, D.C.  Byron York went to the trouble of publishing photographs of the obscene and repulsive signs visible all over the demonstrations.   If you want to see them, click here.

But AT reader David Allison cleverly cut and pasted a few of them into a sign that would have been banned from these demonstrations:

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